Kaffed Asks for Apology from Sakik

Friday, 01 February 2013 09:42

The General Assembly of the Turkish Parliament held on January 31 witnessed hot debates on racism during the meeting on establishing a private university in Diyarbakır.

In responding to CHP lawmaker Ms Güler's remarks on the equality between the “Turkish nation” and “Kurdish nationality”, Mr Sırrı Sakık, the Muş Deputy for the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) accused the CHP of being racist and stated, “Just look at Çanakkale. Your ancestors weren't the only ones who fought there. Those who came from the Caucasus and Bosnia and took on citizenship are not the owners of this country. You need to know your place.”

CHP Group Deputy Chairman Ms Emine Ülker Tarhan responded to Sakık's remarks. “I condemn these sorts of repulsive and immoral statements being uttered from the assembly rostrum. I am also someone that has come from the other side of the water. Maybe you were referring to me. You were very offensive. We are not racists like you are. You are the ones who are truly racist,” said Ms Tarhan.

Mr Sakık's comments on “those who came from the Caucasus and Bosnia” attracted a great deal of reaction. The Federation of the Caucasian Associations in Turkey, Kaffed, sent a condemnation letter to Mr Sakık. Kaffed reminded him that “nobody has any right to insult any people”, and asked for an apology, to be declared at the General Assembly where the insult was made, from Mr Sakık.

Mr Sakık issued an apology on the social media, Twitter, and stated that he did not mean to insult anybody, and all 75 million people living in Turkey are the owners of this country.