Sohum-Kartal Friendship Connection

Tuesday, 26 February 2013 21:25

Kartal Mayor Op. Dr Altınok Öz met with the delegation of Sukhum municipality. The meeting was attended by Sukhum Vice Mayor Konstantin Plia, Sukhum Municipality Council Members Dima Shlarba and Roland Gamgia, Sukhum Municipality Legal Advisor Astamur Hashba, Abkhazia Wrestling Federation Vice Chairman Igor Beraya, Federation of the Caucasian Associations (Kaffed) Executive Board Member Özkan Çoklar, Kaffed Advisory Council Member Sezai Babakuş, Kaffed Abkhazia Working Group Member Muharrem Saran, Sakarya Caucasian Cultural Association Executive Committee Members Mesut Akman and Ali Can, and Kartal and Metropolis Municipality Council Member Osman Güdü.

Kartal Mayor  Op. Dr Altınok Öz gave a book on the history of Kartal as a gift to his guests, while Konstantin Plia's gift to the host was an Abkhazian dagger symbolizing friendship and solidarity. Both sides agreed on organizing a festival to publicize Abkhazian history, music and culture in Kartal in May 2013. The festival will be jointly organized by Kartal Municipality, Sukhum Municipality and Kaffed.

Source: Kartal Municipality