Kaffed Condemns TRT

Wednesday, 03 April 2013 11:35

The 35th International 23rd April Children’s Festival organized by TRT, the official broadcasting agency in Turkey, will be celebrated in Izmir this year. TRT has invited hundreds of children groups from about 50 countries. Abkhazia was also officially invited, and TRT announced it on the official web page of the festival, http://www.trt23nisan.com/en. However, under the pressure of Georgia, the official agency of an independent country, TRT, retreated, and changed the name of Abkhazia as “Abkhazia Autonomous Republic-Georgia” without the consents of the participants on April 1, as if it was a bad joke. Two days later, on April 3, the name of Abkhazia disappeared altogether from the web page.

The Federation of the Caucasian Associations (Kaffed) strongly condemned the actions of TRT on April 3. Kaffed noticed that none of the children invited from Abkhazia are citizens of Georgia, nor did they live even a single day under the authority of the Georgian government, and called upon TRT not to let the aggressive politics of the Georgian government to spoil the spirit of the 23 April Festival. Kaffed stated that it will organize protests all around Turkey if TRT does not allow the children from Abkhazia to join the festival.