Khadzhimba Becomes the New President of Abkhazia

Monday, 25 August 2014 07:13

Raul Khadzhimba won the poll in the first round of the election of Abkhazia's president. The Central Election Commission of the Republic of Abkhazia Chairman Batal Tabagua announced following the processing of 100% of ballot-papers that Khadzhimba polled 50.57% of the vote (50,494 votes). Aslan Bzhaniya gained 35.91% (35,860 votes), Mirab Kishmariya 6.4% (6,389 votes), and Leonid Dzapshba 3.4% (3,397 people). 1.8% of voters were against all candidates. Voter turnout was about 70%.

The electoral headquarters of the losing candidates stated that there had been infractions during the polling "but not such that can make it possible to call results in question".

Out of 420 votes in Istanbul, Khadzhimba got 307 votes, Bzhaniya 81, Kishmariya 27 and Dzapshba 5.

We congragulate President Raul Khadzimba, and reiterate that the diaspora will always provide full support for independent, democratic and prosperous Abkhazia.

[Source: ITAR-TASS and Apsnypress]