Remembering Lata Tragedy

Monday, 14 December 2015 11:00

December 14, 2015 is the 23th anniversary of the Lata Tragedy. On this date 23 years ago, a helicopter carrying 85 civilians, including 35 children, was shut down by the Georgian troops around the Lata village in Kodor gorge in Abkhazia. Everyone on board perished.

The victims were civilians from Tkuarchal, a city under siege by the invading Georgian troops. A temporary cease fire was in place to move civilians to a safe place. However, the helicopter was shot down 20 minutes after it took off by the Georgian troops. The badly burnt remains of the victims were later on burried in Gudauta. In order to honor the victims, a memorial has been erected at burial site.

We will never forget the Lata tragedy. May God bless the victims, and their families.