Helping Circassians in Syria

Monday, 10 December 2012 22:03

The Circassians living in Syria are trapped by fighting, and they are in danger of attack and total physical destruction as a result of sectarian and ethnic violence. There is an increasing need to mobilize our activities to protect the Syrian Circassians from total destruction. Therefore, the Federation of the Caucasian Associations has established a special ad hoc committee (the Syria Crisis Committee) to coordinate the activities to provide assistance to the Circassian coming into Turkey. The committee provides temporary housing to our compatriots, and help them to get residence permits. Those who would like to be reptriated to the homeland are provided help in getting visas to go to the Russian Federation. There are currently more than 1000 Circassians from Syria who applied to be repatriated to their homeland, the Adygea and Kabardino Balkaria republics.

As the number of Circassians coming to Turkey increases, the need for resources also increases.

You can help to provide shelter to the Circassians in Syria by making a donation to the following special accounts. You can also send a donation of 20 TL by just sending an SMS to number 7979. You should write "1864 Your Name and Last Name" as the message.


Kaffed Syria Crisis Committee Donation Accounts

Account holders: Betül Dinçer-Filiz Kaplan
Bank Name: Garanti Bankası
Branch Name: Ankara-Emek
TL Account: IBAN: TR70 0006 2000 7780 0006 6689 77
USD Account: IBAN: TR27 0006 2000 7780 0009 0942 66, Swift code: TGBATRISXXX
Euro Account: IBAN: TR08 0006 2000 7780 0009 0927 65, Swift code: TGBATRISXXX