Syria Crisis Committee Helps Refugees

Monday, 10 December 2012 21:21

The number of Circassian refugees in Turkey increased considerably in the last months. The Federation of the Caucasian Associations has established a special committee, Syria Crisis Committee, to provide assistance to the refugees. The committee is composed of some members of the Executive Board and presidents of Caucasian associations located in the border regions. Isa Elagöz has been elected as the coordinator of the committee.

The Syria Crisis Committee has organized rapidly the assistance activities in the regions neighboring the Turkish-Syria border, and started to provide safe shelters to the refugees. The committee also asked all member associations to identify housing opportunities in their regions, and received a positive response from most of them, even those including Duzce and Samsun associations, who are rather far away from the region. Members of the associations located around the Syrian border deserve a special thank for their valuable efforts in helping our compatriots.

In spite of all the best efforts of the committee, the need for assistance is beyond the available resources. Therefore, the Syrian Crisis Committee is in touch with Turkish politicians and officials, and international organizations to channel their activities to help the Circassian refugees. The committee also considers that it is utmost importance to help the Circassians who would like to be repatriated to the homeland, and supports them by all means, by helping to get the Russian visa and by providing travel arrangements.